In this week’s video, I wanted to talk about a new pocket utility knife that just got added to the US DLA (US Defense Logistics Agency) supply system. No, it is not as sexy as a Minigun. Neither is a Medical Kit, but we use utility knives and med kits much more often than belt-fed machine guns.

  When my buddy Joe heard I wasn’t carrying a switchblade anymore, he asked if I had seen the new utility knife that he had just gotten a NSN (National Stock Number) for. Always open to new kit & training, I told him I would give it a look.  I really like this new knife. It’s light at just 4.6 ounces and has no sharp edges to tear up or snag in your pockets. If I could add one thing to any good folding knife, it would be adding a saw blade; and this puppy has it. So, that caught my eye right off the bat. Now, it’s not American made, like the old Camillus. That would be preferred, but this thing is Swiss quality; very pretty with good features.

    So, I tried to break it. I tried hard. I had this knife since SHOT in January and we just filmed this video. If you want a good knife to issue to your privates, without worrying about them getting rolled up in the club, this is going to be a good performer all around. Besides the saw (which is great), I also used the locking wire-stripper/wire-bender a bunch around the house; and the Phillips screwdriver doubles as a punch for blasting caps (universal capwell sized). Some will bitch that it does not have a pocket clip. Yeah, fine, but it does have a lanyard hole, so your troops can “dummy cord” it off when they are in the field.

   If you are in the US military, you can have your Supply Sergeant order you one. The  NSN is 1095-01-653-1166.

    If you do not have access to the DLA Supply System, you can reach out directly to Joe or his partner Jerry, and order one directly from them.

Here’s the bonus… Joe gave me a couple extra of these knives to film in this video. So, we are going to give them away to a randomly drawn new subscriber to So, if you haven’t already subscribed, click hereYou could be the lucky guy or girl to get this new knife. To enter you must subscribe to by June 30th, 2017 12pm EST. Good luck! Must be in USA and 18+ years of age to win!

Thanks for watching. Next week, I’m back talking body armor and mag placement.

Strength & Honor, TR.