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  • Louisville Armory (map)

Close Quarters Battle (CQB) -II

This is a “Bonus Day” for those students that are serious about learning the fundamentals of CQB, including multi-team multi-room clearing techniques. While this day will primarily focus on “Simms Play” in the Shoot House; we will start the day with Flat Range Live Pistol/Carbine Drills to keep the shooting drills sharp.

CQB in and of itself is advanced. Basic fundamentals of marksmanship, communication, individual mobility, and team work are all that is needed; the advanced quality of CQB is due to the requirement to apply all of these basic tasks in a furiously fast and complex environment while remaining composed.

“Why do I need training in CQB if that is not my job?”

Conducting tactically sound movement in and around a structure that allows for a deadly ambush at any moment, while carrying and safely manipulating a deadly weapon, while also remaining aware of multiple moving elements such as threats and your team mates, will definitely enhance your survivability and capabilities to save others despite your profession! That is why.

Bottom line: Become hyper aware and also extremely confident in your abilities with a firearm.

Force on Force Progressions (Multiple rooms)

  • Addressing multiple doorways and unknown areas

  • Splitting teams

  • Processing your objective for use in prosecution


o  Serviceable pistol of at least 9mm caliber

o  Minimum of 3 pistol magazines

o  Minimum of 1 double pistol magazine pouch

o  Eye and Ear protection

o  Serviceable holster

o  100 rounds of pistol ammunition

o  Serviceable carbine (9mm, 45ACP, 5.56mm, 300BLK, or 7.62x39mm)

o  Minimum of 4 rifle magazines

o  Minimum of 1 magazine pouch or suitable method to carry spare magazines

o  Sling – suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical style preferred

o  100 rounds of rifle ammunition (NO STEEL CORE)

o  Rifle-mounted Flashlight

We will be training in a “NON-Livefire” Shoot House. All Students need to bring some sort of Non-Livefire weapon. While Simmunition/UTM are recommended; Airsoft is acceptable. UTM Conversion Kit Rentals and UTM Ammo purchase are available, subject to availability (call early to confirm).

o  Conversion Kit for Rifle (UTM/Simmunitions/FX/Airsoft)

o  300rds of Marking ammo for Rifle (UTM/Simmunitions/FX/Airsoft)

o  Conversion Kit for Pistol (UTM/Simmunitions/FX/Airsoft)

o  100rds of Marking ammo for Pistol(UTM/Simmunitions/FX/Airsoft)

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