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Operation Valkyrie (Tactical Precision Rifle/Survival/Kayak Excursion)

Mar 12, 2020– Mar 15, 2020


Want a Gut Check? How about 3 days & 4 nights of Precision Rifle & Survival classes, mission planning & rehearsals, tactical infiltration & movement behind enemy lines, partisan link up, cave operations, RON site & patrolling, multi-team Sniper Hit (on radio count-down), E&R against roving armed patrols & K-9 teams… oh, and all your gear has gotta fit in a Kayak. Not hard enough? Let’s do it in late February in the sleet & snow. This is a training course, that is very heavy with tactical role playing & practical exercises in a realistic environment.


It is NOT for the meek.

  • If you have never been in the woods; stay home.

  • If you have never been cold; stay home.

  • If you just want easy “canned” training on a flat range with a warm hotel nearby; stay home.

  • If you are unsure that you can actually “Man Up” if you really had to; stay home.


It IS for those wanting to try something HARDER

  • If you like Precision Rifle, but want to try the “tactical” application of the art (what it was designed for!!!); come try it.

  • If you like Survival  Training and aren’t scared to ACTUALLY try to use the gear you keep buying; come try it.

  • If you want to work as part of a 3-man Sniper team (each team advised by their own retired SF Sniper), and learn the tactics of UW Sniper operations; come try it.

  • If you want to do both Day and Night (Gen-III & Thermal) Sniper takedowns with live ammo; come try it.

  • If you want to do actual patrolling under ground and sleep in a cave; come try it.

  • If you want a “taste” of Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations, to include linking up with Guerrilla forces, sneaking through patrolled hostile areas, and thinking “outside the box;” come try it.

  • If you trust that Tactical Rifleman wont let you die in the freezing cold, if you can’t save yourself; come try it.


If you are a little scared, that means you are taking it serious enough, and your soul is telling you that it’s self-doubt is balancing it’s primeval desire to jump right in. If it wasn’t hard, it wouldn’t be worth doing.



Day-0 (Travel Day)

  • NLT 1800hrs Arrive at Safe House

  • Meet your Sniper Cell (3) and your SF mentor

  • Equipment Check

  • Sleep on Cots with your gear (better start using it) around wood burning stove.

  • Snacks/Spirits/War Stories/Camaraderie provided


  • Breakfast

  • Zero Rifles / Pistol Drills (100 meter Range)

  • Sniper tactics classes (in classroom PPT)

  • Lunch

  • Survival modules round-robin (some indoors, some outdoors)

  • Kayak Packing & camouflage

  • Dinner

  • NVD Class & NVD Zero Range


  • Breakfast

  • Mission Planning

  • Rehearsals & final Combat Checks

  • Lunch

  • Covert Infiltration with Friendly axillary forces

  • Passage of Forward Friendly lines

  • Tactical Movement by Kayak (yes, gonna suck)

  • Selection & Occupation of RON/Hidesite (Cave)

  • Dinner (Admin AAR of day’s events / lessons learned)

  • Cave Patrolling


  • Breakfast

  • Tactical Movement by Kayak

  • Partisan Linkup & Intel Update

  • Lunch

  • Tactical Movement by Kayak to ORP

  • Movement & Occupation of Sniper Hidesite

  • Sniper Hit on assault count-down

  • Exfiltration/Possible Evasion (depending on you against OpFor)

  • Tactical Movement by Kayak to Recovery Point

  • Return to Safe House

  • Dinner

  • Graduation & Celebrating your survival or mourning your loss

  • Bonfire & tall tales


  • Breakfast

  • Depart for Airport or Home


Meals & Lodging

o   Meals are on you, except graduation dinner. That’s the point of this excursion; you have to be able to pack your own gear, AND use your own gear.

o   Safe House had several Fridges & Freezers; and there are multiple stores nearby (still in America)

o   Alcohol allowed except while shooting & during conduct on mission.

o   Military Rations or Dehydrated (ie: Mountain House) Foods recommended for mission, but you can carry 300 pounds of Canned Peaches for all we care.

o   Lodging will be provided at Safe House

o   Lodging during mission will be in a cave. So, tents are not required. However, sleeping bags and pads are highly recommended


Teams: Know a few like-minded friends that are up for a challenge? Invite them along and have your own Sniper Cell. Your team only needs to bring one of a bunch of the equipment on the packing list. Travel light; have your buddies haul your shit. Don’t have any friends? No worries. We’ll pair you up with other tough guys, before the event starts, and you can decide who brings the spotting scope and who brings the range finder.


Kayaks: The point of using kayaks is that it is an unconventional means of maneuvering on the modern battlefield. We could use pack horses, but they don’t like going miles back inside caves. Plus, using a kayak restricts the amount of gear that you can transport. I’ve seen “Survival” students show up to classes with 100 pound rucksacks full of everything but the kitchen sink. With the kayak, you can bring as much as you want, but you have to be able to move with it… Did I mention what the temperature of February river water is? You can bring your own Kayak. You can BUY your own kayak, at the local Academy Sports or Walmart. Or, you can rent them from us. The river usually isn’t that rough, so only novice kayaking skills are required. Brand and size doesn’t really matter, but you should look at space and ways to attach gear. I am using a 10ft Kayak. Keith is using a 14ft 2-seater, to haul hot chicks. You’ll want some 550 cord or straps for lashing your gear to your kayak (inside and out). You don’t want your $5k rifle to go to the bottom of the drink.




Weapon System

o   Serviceable pistol of at least 9mm caliber

o   Minimum of 3 pistol magazines

o   Minimum of 1 double pistol magazine pouch

o   Eye and Ear protection

o   Serviceable holster

o   Minimum of 100 rounds of pistol ammunition

o   Serviceable Precision

  • Rifle Bolt or Gas-gun

  • All calibers allowed

  • Must have Ballistic Data out to a minimum of 500 meters

o   Minimum of 1 magazine pouch/vest or suitable method to carry spare ammo

o   Sling – suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical style preferred

o   100 rounds of rifle ammunition (NO STEEL CORE)

o   Cleaning kit

o   Spotting Scope (one per team)

o   Binos (One per team)

o   Laser Rangefinder (One per team)

o   Wind Meter (One per team)

o   Suppressor (Optional)

o   Night Vision Scope (Optional)

o   Tripod (Optional)

o   Ghillie Suit (Optional)

o   Hide site material (Optional)

o   SAT COM Radio (Optional)

o   Tuff Book Computer (Optional)


Survival Gear (Bring what you want to train with)


Admin Clothing (You can bring as much as you want, and leave at Safe house during Op)

o   Clothing for time at Safe House

o   Shaving Kit & Towel

o   Warm Boots

o   Socks & Under garments

o   Cold Weather Clothing (think Layers)

o   Smart Phone & Charger

o   Hand-held Flashlight

o   Headlamp


Tactical Clothing / Mission Equipment (Camo or earth colors)

o   Cold Weather Clothing (think Layers)

o   Extra change of clothes in waterproof bag

o   Warm Boots & Gloves

o   Extra Socks & Gloves

o   Load bearing Vest or harness

o   Small Assault Pack

o   Waterproof bags

o   Survival Kit

o   Sleeping bag

o   Poncho or Tarp (camo)

o   Canteens / Camelback / Nalgene bottles

o   Hand-held Flashlight

o   Headlamp

o   Food for 36 hour ops

o   Electronic Ear Pro (Muffs or Plugs)

o   IFAK (Medical Kit)

o   Weapon System (compete Rifle & Pistol)

o   IFAK (Medical Kit)

o   Personal NVDs with head harness (Optional)

o   Neoprene Boots (Optional)

o   Neoprene Waders (Optional)

o   Rappel Equipment (Optional)

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