This week I get to have a little fun. This video was originally filmed to show “The Chive.”There was talk of doing a series of videos for them, but it never panned out.

It is a really quick video about shooting a pistol, covering just the basic fundamentals.  It took us around 3 minutes to film the whole thing. It was fun, basic, and to the point.

Fact is, the “Special” in “Special Ops” is not about how much cool gear you have, or how many cool schools you get to go to. It is about mastering the basics. That includes the basic fundamentals of marksmanship.

Combat Stance:  Like you’re getting ready to fist-fight. Aren’t you fighting for your life?

Strong-Hand Grip:  Hold it high on the back strap.

Support-Hand Grip:  Lock your wrists, raise your strong-hand thumb and try to cover as much of the pistol grip with your support-hand as possible.

Thumbs:  Ensure you stack them properly (strong-hand thumb on top). We are not shooting a revolver.

Both Eyes Open: This is combat shooting. So, practice what your body is going to do instinctively.

Proper Sight Alignment: Both front and rear sight blade must be aligned; equal light & equal height.

Breath: This is combat shooting; not the olympics.

Trigger Squeeze: Smoothly roll through that trigger. Don’t slap it.

Follow Through:  “Did I hit? Did I get Desired Effect? Are there more threats?

Master these basic fundamentals of marksmanship and you’ll make yourself a better shooter. They apply to all weapon systems.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.