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In this video Rob shows us what happens when shooting through different types of vehicle glass. He starts with the side Safety Glass and the laminated Windshield. He then wraps up the video with a thick piece of “Bulletproof” Glass.

    Now, it’s called “Bulletproof” glass, but most brands are really just multiple layers standard safety glass that are laminated together. In this case, Rob was shooting at a window composed of 8 separate layers of safety glass laminated into a very heavy windscreen that could easily stop bullets from a 7.62mm machinegun. It was taken out of an actual Up-Armored Truck (brand intentionally not mentioned, so don’t ask). These windows save lives every day overseas.

    That said, is it really bulletproof? Short answer, no. Long answer, sort of. Bulletproof glass is designed to stop fragmentation and multiple hits of small arms fire, to allow the driver to maneuver the vehicle off the “X” and escape to a safer location.  Most will not stop .50 cal rounds. Also, there are many different types of projectiles built for snipers that are specifically designed for barrier penetration. Some work better than others.

So, how was Rob able to penetrate the “Bulletproof” glass with 5.56mm ammo through a AR rifle?  

    Penetrating any medium is about energy and shot placement.  Rob’s 5.56mm ammo (even using Green-Tip) did not have enough energy to penetrate all 8 layers of the glass. That said, he did get through several layers of the laminate. So, by focusing his shots in one location, he was able to slowly destroy layer after layer of the laminated glass. He finally penetrated on his 4th shot.

    On a vehicle driving 60 miles per hour through the ambush site, it would be very hard for a shooter to focus his shots in so tight of a shot group. Hence, the armor has served its purpose and the driver lives to drive another day.

   How do we apply this? If your unit is required to conduct a “Vehicle Interdiction” against a foe in an up-armored vehicle, understand that you will need to stop the vehicle first. This can be done in a dozen different ways (and will be covered another time). Pin the vehicle in, so the driver can’t just back out of your kill box. Then, walk up and center your point of aim low-center on the driver. Why low-center? That way, no matter which way he leans or squirms, he cannot get out of your point of aim. Hammer the same spot on the window with multiple rapid shots. You can even place your muzzle right up against the glass (Eye Pro & Gloves of course). Once you are through, keep shooting, work that muzzle around and mix metal & meat together.

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