Navy SEAL test Ballistics through Walls | Tactical Rifleman

Special “Thanks” to all our Patrons, whos financial support was used to build these walls and purchase expendables and ballistic gel for this video. One of our favorite videos (and most commented) was Karl’s “Best Weapon for Home Defense.” Who would have figured that Karl would pick a rifle? Go Figure. Many of the controversial comments were around the topic of “over-penetration” of walls. There are lots of opinions on the subject, but very little actual data. So, rather than argue back & forth, we decided to do another video focused on the penetration of various walls with various firearms. Great idea for a video, but once we started staffing this, we realized that it was going to take too long and cost too much. Karl hates the word “Can’t” and we made the decision that if we were going to invest a lot of time and money into making a video, then we better go all out and make it a standard that will stand for a while. Which walls to build? Drywall interior wall and Cinder Block were both “No brainers.” We then added the exterior walls of common American homes, both Red Brick and Vinyl/Wood sided. We then noticed that many apartment buildings in “older/classic/historical” areas were using cinder block with red brick on the outside, to make it look “older.” This added another layer of protection; so let’s test that too. Finally, there are hundreds of thousands of Trail/Mobile Homes here in the US. So, we got permission to cut a wall out of a trailer home. That was kinda weird, with the dirty looks the neighbors were giving us. What guns to use? Rifle, pistol, shotgun is obvious; but what types of rounds? We decided to stick with military 9mm ball, instead of the various hollow points, as the ball would penetrate more. We also shot it out of a SIG MPX. The longer barrel allows the pistol caliber round to fully speed up before exiting the barrel. We did this because we didn’t want Ninjas coming back saying that their Glock/SIG/Colt shot faster than our “test pistol” and therefore our findings were invalid. Yes, a 44 Magnum would possibly penetrate more, and a .45ACP would penetrate less. Who the hell is using a .44 Magnum anymore? Dirty Harry? For Shotgun, we went with a common home defense length Remington 870. We then used common 7 ½ Birdshot, common 00 Buckshot, and common 1 ounce Slugs. Yes, “Flight Control” buckshot groups tighter and “Turkey Storm” hits harder; but both are not common home defense rounds and also they would both have little effect on our test. For the rifle, we went with the most common 5.56mm round available in the US; the 55 grain full metal jacket. Yes, AK or 300blk would hit harder. Yes, “Green Tip” would penetrate better. On and on, there are hundreds of variables on loads. So, again, we stuck with the most common. To measure energy after penetration, we used ballistic gelatin blocks, purchased from Clear Ballistics. This is really cool stuff. It’s reusable, once you melt it down. It reacts the same as the standard “FBI” gel that we have used in past videos. So, results are uniform. We hope that you enjoy the video. We will be making more videos along these lines. Again, we couldn’t do this without the support of our Patrons. If you want to help support Tactical Rifleman, subscribe to our channel. If you want to do more; for the cost of a cup of Starbucks, you can support us on our Patreon/Tacticalrifleman. Lots of cool bonus content there, like monthly “war stories” and other perks. Strength & Honor, TR

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