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If you’ve seen the news over the last few years, Officer Involved Shootings (OICs) seem to grab headlines more often than not. A lot of times everyone is focused on the Body Cam footage, and what it shows. And as we’ve seen all too often, that Body Cam footage doesn’t help us because it’s blocked or for some other reason doesn’t capture the reason the officer pulled the trigger. This has caused quite a bit of public outcry and even violence in many of our communities. Viridian Weapon Technologies has a product out now to change that. The FACT Duty is a camera that mounts on the end of an officer’s firearm, comes on automatically when the gun is drawn from the holster, records in 1080 DP and full HD audio and provides an unobstructed view of what the officer sees. But don’t worry, it’s not just for LE. They have a consumer version out now great for many uses. We’ll get to that in a bit. As you’ll see in the video, I ran the FACT Duty on the range and break down some of my thoughts. For LEOs, this just makes sense. It fits almost all duty holsters and doesn’t require you to get new gear, retrain or otherwise drastically change your approach to drawing your weapon. The camera’s video is top notch and can also be used as a great training tool. At the end of the day, Viridian doesn’t say this is a replacement for Body Cams. They say it can be a supplement for larger departments and a nice substitute that doesn’t break the city bank for smaller cities/towns/forces. What keeps the price down is the manageable amount of data. Body cams can record several hours of footage a day—from each officer! Think about how much that ends up. Now you have to manage that, keep it and/or provide it to someone when the ask for it. The FACT Duty cameras were designed to capture OISs—and that’s it. And most departments want to (or should want to) know why the officer pulled the trigger. And communities do too. Hopefully with this product, if there is a shooting, everyone knows what really happened. After saying all that, let’s transition to the consumer version. For you civilians out there, Viridian has a version for you. It can be turned on and off manually, is easy to get the videos transferred/viewed and is great for hunting, shooting at the range or for legally-armed citizens who want a back up plan in case they ever have to use their weapon in a defensive situation. Viridian has two options—one that is a camera and a light ($399), and one that is a camera, light and laser ($599). Each has its place and I think both can be popular. Think about how cool it would be to film your next action pistol match? Or range session? For legally armed citizens, it can also be evidence to use in court after self defense incident. For a learning tool, I love it. I will run it in my classes, and I think having it on people’s guns will be really telling (and maybe embarrassing for a few)—but very valuable! We have a lot of guys and gals who come in to our classes who can flat out shoot. A few say they can—but the paper and/or steel doesn’t lie. But now with these cameras, I can see what part of the process is the problem and fix it! If you’re not doing it right at the range, you don’t have a chance in hell of doing it right when someone is trying to kill you and/or your family. Believe me, I know. Viridian has created a completely new category for LE and it is great for civilians too. I hope you enjoy the video and get a chance to put one on the end of your gun soon. If you want a Weapon-Mounted Camera, or any other Viridian product, they are going to hook up Tactical Rifleman viewers. Use this promo code below: TACR25 to save 25% off all their products on their website . Thanks for watching. Strength and Honor, TR.

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