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Unfortunately, “Active Shooter” scenarios are still very much in the public eye. All schools across our great country are going over their drills, as are public & private businesses and places of worship.

Run, Hide, Bunker, and Prepare to Fight.

Throughout my 26.5 years in the military, I conducted dozens of deployments, in and out of combat zones, in and out of secure areas, and often in “civilian” clothing. Yes, sometimes I ran “fully kitted out” with Level-IV plates (including sides) and a helmet. However, often we had to move around in a “low-vis” uniform, wearing low-profile gear. I would take “non-military” looking bags, and stuff in ballistic plates. It worked well, and didn’t draw attention like a lot of MOLLE Assault Bags will. Anyways, we always wished that someone would make a decent “low-vis” bag that offered ballistic protection.

Fast forward, and enter a new company called Leatherback Gear.

Their bag not only has Level-IIIA Plates, but also zips apart to be worn as a vest, protecting both front and back.

Level-IIIA plate provide protection against most pistol & shotgun calibers. I have to say “most” because there are always exceptions; such as Armor-Piercing rounds and so forth. So, legally, just pistols, not Rifles.

That still covers the fat that 70% of active shooter engagements, in the US are conducted with Pistols.

Well, just like how the “Lawyers” make them error on the conservative side; I wanted to see just how far that liberal application of force could be applied before these Leatherback Gear Bags failed.  So, I then shot it with a 5.56mm AR and a 7.62mm AK.

Now, before you all bitch; no I did NOT use Steel-Core AK or Green-Tip AR ammo. Why not? Well, because most active shootings are done by wack jobs, using the crap ammo that they buy on sale. So, I used the most commonly bought plinking ammo I could find. As an example, I used 55gr ball for the 5.56mm.

Honestly, I thought that the doubled-up plates would fail. So, I also added a couple school books and a laptop. Why? Well, because I watch my daughter carry her heavy book bag out the door to school everyday, and I know she is carrying a ton of crap.

Watch the video and I think you’ll agree that I was pleasantly surprised. The doubled up IIIA plates stopped both rifle rounds. Wow!!!  

So, I’m pushing a great bag, and am asking you to help me spread the word. If you have loved ones traveling into harm’s way; then, set them up for success.

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Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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