How Special Forces setup their Hummer | Mount Weapons | Tactical Rifleman

Tactical Rifleman tries to bring our viewers a wide variety of information about subjects dear to our hearts… which is mostly things that go bang or boom. We have recently done a couple of weeks of new weapons, like the Army’s new pistol. So, this week, we wanted to change it up a bit. So, we are going to jump backwards in time and talk about our old reliable DMV (Desert Mobility Vehicle) and all the modifications that have been made along the way. First, we needed a HUMMER with most of the current modifications on it...
     We went down to Military Systems Group, in Nashville, to check out some of their new toys and some of their old toys. MSG has been providing vehicle modifications and accessories to our military forces for as long as I can remember. I ran vehicles with their gear in Afghanistan. I ran vehicles with their gear in Iraq, and some of their latest gear can be found in just about every little hot spot on the planet.
    In this week’s video Jay Johnson takes us through MSG’s Hummer, and talks in detail about all the mods currently available.   Jay and I go way back; he was on my first A-Team close to a hundred years ago. When I moved on to the CIF Company; Jay moved on to specialize in Desert Mobility. If you want to talk tactical vehicle operations in the desert, you talk to Jay Johnson.
    Jay and I get nostalgic a  couple times during the filming of this video, and we wanted to go down the rabbit hole telling war stories; but we held back. Good thing, because this video is almost 48 hours long!!! Well, not that long, but it is still the longest Tactical Rifleman video to date.
    We cover everything from bumpers to Swing-Arms to Barrett .50cal mounts. So, if you like military gear, or you want ideas for that Jeep Rockcrawler, please enjoy the video.   Thanks for Watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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