How Special Ops Load and Make Ready | Unload | Tactical Rifleman

This Video covers the proper way to load & unload your primary and secondary weapons.
   If you surf the internet, you’ll find literally millions (with an M) of shooting videos. Several are pretty good, very informative, and professionally done. However, these videos don’t get many views or hits. Now, flip to the other extreme, and there are tons of videos showing very entertaining jackassery with firearms that, while filmed professionally, are down right unsafe. These get millions of views within seconds of them being posted.
   When we at Tactical Rifleman were first contemplating making instructional youtube videos, we didn’t give a shit about being entertaining to the masses. What we wanted to do was build a place where operators, professionals, and gun-loving  citizens could go to find good information on guns, gear, and training.
    This video is the textbook example of what we wanted to do. While it is a simple and boring video; it sets a standard that is repeatable while also explaining why we do it the way we do. Every operator or student that attends one of our pistol/carbine courses has to learn the proper standard for loading and unloading their weapons. Now, while it does vary slightly by unit; most will agree with the need for this standard. There is a method to the madness.
   Why do we load the Pistol first? Well, because it can then be placed securely in a holster that protects the trigger mechanism of the weapon. If we had loaded the rifle first, it would have been left hanging loaded, bouncing around on the front of our kit, while we we loading our pistol. We teach to always have positive control of a loaded firearm. Make sense?
     Why to we check the sights? To make sure they work. This may be the last time you look at them before getting on the helicopter. Better to find out now, before getting on the bird, while you still have time to get fresh batteries or replace a broken fiber-optic sight before a match. Make sense?
     Why load from your “Speed Reload” pouch? It’s just one more repetition… one more rehearsal of a speed reload; kept fresh in your subconscious mind. That’s the one reload that HAS to be SMOOTH & FAST; why wouldn’t you want to practice it every time you load? Make sense?
   So, they learn these skills and techniques when they attend our courses, along with a thousand other little tidbits of information. Now, what happens two years later, when the Gunny tells the Lance Corporal to “go teach the new privates how to properly load & unload their weapons”? That Lance Corporal can now go to the web, watch this video to refresh the standards in his memory, and he can go out and teach a great class. Also, if the Lance Corporal screws it up, the Gunny can then send all the privates to go watch this video (while he sweet talks the Lance Corporal).
    Our intent is to give you a place to go to find good information on guns, gear, and training. The other sites are fun to surf when you need a good laugh. However, when you need good tips and techniques, you can always turn to Tactical Rifleman. So, subscribe to this site. Share it with your friends. Add comments and questions. Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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