How To Build a Sniper Firing Position | Special Forces Sniper explains | Tactical Rifleman

Tactical Rifleman has gotten a number of requests, on how to setup a Sniper Firing Position. Yes, we read your comments. Got a good idea for a video? Ask and you shall receive.  So, this week we are going to talk about building a solid (and accurate) sniper firing position.
    If you take nothing else away from this video; please remember that Consistency is the Key to Accuracy. You have to have ammo that flies the same speed every time. You have to have a bullet that has a consistent weight and shape every time. Likewise, you have to build a launch platform, that launches that bullet the same every time.
     The Sniper has to be as comfortable as possible and have a good “natural point of aim.” Relax on the gun, with your eyes closed. When you open your eyes, you should not see any shadow around the scope. If you do, your head is not centered behind the scope, and you need to adjust your stock and eye relief. If you open your eyes and your cross hairs are not centered on the target, then your natural point of aim is off, and you need to move the gun. Small corrections can be done by just moving the gun. However, major corrections, you may need to move/adjust your whole position.
    We are also going to talk about laying in the Spotter. Remember, a Sniper position is a two man team. The Sniper has to be comfortable. Lay the Spotter in so that his Spotter Scope is as close to “gun line” as possible, without bumping the sniper. Also, make sure that the legs of your spotting scope aren’t near the elbow of the sniper. Otherwise, when the gun goes off, his elbow may bump your spotting scope and you won't see shit. The key to a good Spotter Location is that he has to be able to read “Trace.”
    So, lay your Shooter in. Make him get a good position. Then lay in your Spotter around him. Focus on doing it the same way every time. Remember, Consistency is the Key to Accuracy.  Thanks for Watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

Tactical Rifleman