Shooting Agility Drill | Dice Drill | Tactical Rifleman

This week Rob takes us through another Agility Drill. This one is called the “Dice Drill.” As Rob says, it’s not meant to be tactical, but rather more of just an exercise drill (Shooting & Moving), that builds off of his “One Leg Drill.”  All you need is 5 small cones, and then draw a 2 meter circle around the center cone.

    The key here, is for the coach to call the new number right as the shooter enters the circle around the center cone. The shooter must then adjust his movements to the new situation and move rapidly to the new cone to fire those next two bullets.

   As with the other agility drills; start slick, then add kit. Start slow, then add more speed. Start close, and then move farther out. Just, the one thing we don’t want you to change, is the placement of accurate shots. Don’t sacrifice accuracy for speed.

    We like to run these drills with Steel targets, using Frangible Ammo, as it lets the instructors cycle through multiple students faster. However, if you don’t have steel targets, or Frang, you can substitute scorable paper targets.

    Again, all you need is 5 cones. That said, if you have the range space and 4 barricades; you can also do this drill using wooden barricades. The goal is to make you faster, at moving to cover, and delivering well-aimed shots quickly.

    So, get off the couch, jam a few mags, and go give this drill a try. Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

Tactical Rifleman