Stock Manipulation Drill | CQB training | Tactical Rifleman

This week Rob shows us a great drill for practicing the manipulation of your rifle around a barrier, which may be a door frame or another person in front of you.

    We are not talking about switching shoulders from strong-side to weak-side, as you would not do that while just breaking the threshold into a new room. Rather, we reserve switching shoulders for when you need to shoot around the off-side of a barrier. This allows the shooter to keep the majority of his body behind cover. This is a valuable technique, and we will be covering it in another video.

   Again, in this video, we are just showing a great drill for practicing the manipulation of your rifle around a barrier. Most people on the flat range only practice “Up Drills” from the “Low Ready” position, but once they go into the shoot house many of them are running “High Ready” position.  You need to practice both.

   So, watch the video a couple of times, and see how smooth Rob is using all three techniques (muzzle down, muzzle up, muzzle back). Then, go out to the range and run the drills yourself. The goal is to use the technique that is the fastest for each situation. While “muzzle back” might be faster on most drills, you would flag your buddy in front of you. “High Ready” may seem slower to get that good cheek weld, but it allows better position for non-lethal strikes. All have strong & weak points. So, you need to master all three techniques.

    Once you have all three techniques down, try running it against the Pro-Timer. Identify which technique is the fastest for you. Remember accuracy still counts.

    Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

Tactical Rifleman