How to Defend with a Blunt or Bladed Weapon | Close Combat Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

When utilizing a blunt &/or bladed weapon in a combat situation, a big deal is the
understanding on how & when to employ them. But you must understand that YOU
HAVE TO GET YOUR FIREARMS INTO THE FIGHT! A couple of possible situations
where you might want to employ a blunt or bladed weapon into the fight would be:
- When in a close quarters battle, and all your firearms has either failed or you
simply ran out of ammo (in this situation, possibly your rifle &/or pistol can
be used as a blunt object, to muzzle strike, pistol whip, etc..)
- If you have to go to a meeting within a non-permissive environment (or semi-
permissive) and you are told to not bring any weapons (or you have them
taken away by the security guards). You will have to do a quick scan of your
surroundings as you are approaching the meeting area, as well as inside the
meeting area, for weapons &/or possible improvised weapons that can be
used (ie; a pen, a broom, a mop, water boiling on the stove, pots, pans, eating
utensils, extension cord, glass bottle that you can break, etc…)
Whatever the situation is, it’s a good thing having the ability (& skills) to employ anything, &/or everything, you can utilize in a combat situation, to keep you
in the fight. MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT &/or SURVIVAL, is vital!
A lot of the techniques used with a “baton-like” weapon, can generally be
transferred over into techniques with a bladed weapon. The most common
technique that someone with no skill using a baton, is generally holding it like a
baseball bat and swing away. I am not saying that is a bad thing, you may get lucky
and hit a ‘Home Run’. But if you have some training with using a baton or a knife,
you will feel more comfortable to allow your other hand to be free to grab, push,
pull, &/or whatever is necessary to get the job done. I would often carry a
lightweight mini collapsible baton on my kit, as well as a fixed blade (and a folding a
blade in my cargo pocket). It was small & lightweight, so it was out of the way and
didn’t really add anymore weight to the kit I wore in combat. When I needed it, it
was easily accessible for possible nonlethal means but was readily available to do a
lot of damage &/or destroy whatever or whomever I please. With a blunt object,
you can strike just about anywhere on the body, and notice that when striking
certain areas you will get a better outcome.

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