Assault Rifle Slings | Tactical Rifleman

In this video we cover Slings that the US military uses on their Battle Rifles.

Here, at Tactical Rifleman, we really do read the comments. Most of them are total jackassery; but every now and then one of you will ask a legitimate question or have a request for a video. We do our best to answer all of these. If you ask a good question and we don’t answer it; it’s probably because we have ALREADY ANSWERED the SAME QUESTION a dozen other times (often on the same video). That said, we do get questions that warrant a little more than a two sentence answer.

    I common question is “What kind of Sling is on your Rifle?” or “What do you think of blaa blaa blaa Sling?”  So, hence, here is your “Sling” video.

    First, up front, I’m not gonna tell you what kind of Sling mine is (but I think it is ATS), because I hate pimping one brand over another. There are lots of great companies out there that are all putting out great gear. I don’t want to get one brand or another mad at me.  All I ask is that you try to use quality gear by a reputable company. Stay away from all the counterfeit shit coming out of China.

   Next, I want everyone to understand that I don’t carry “this” or “that” just because it is “sexy” or politically correct. Rather, I carry what I think is the best piece of kit for the current situation. Slings are a perfect example of this.  I started carrying a Leather Sling on my first M-21 sniper rifle, because that’s all I had and that was what I was taught to shoot with.   I used a 2-point short black nylon sling on my M-16 because that’s what we were issued.  It sucked; so we cannibalized into the first 3-point slings, and they have since continued to morph into the slings you see used today.

    I won't pimp single point versus multipoint slings. They all have strong points and weak points. Educate yourself and choose what works best for you in your situation.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

Tactical Rifleman