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Vanguard Holster:

This video is direct and to the point; if you want a minimalist carry for a Glock, the Raven Vanguard is a great solution.

Yes, there are a hundred Holster companies, making thousands of different holsters. Everyone has their favorites, including me. For tactical work, I swear by the Safariland ALS system. I believe all the Weapons & Tactics instructors at Tier-1 Group prefer to run an ALS holster. For inside the belt concealed carry, Crossbreed is the standard by which all others are trying to play catchup.

However, sometimes you just want to go as minimal as possible. For that, I’ve fallen in love with the Raven Vanguard. Now, I get no kickbacks from Raven Concealment Systems. All I get, is the same as you get; which is a great holster from a company that is turning out lots of great products. Here’s their website: You can explore their other great products there.

At their website, you’ll see lots of different options for the Vanguard. I didn’t cover these in the video because, well, I’m already long winded and we didn’t want these videos to be too long. I showed the Lanyard version, but they also have belt loop versions and new advanced upgrades with a claw for immediate stripping of the clip when leaving your belt. While all versions are cool and functional, I still prefer the Lanyard version.

Why? Several reasons… mainly because it is more “minimal.” (Yeah, my English teacher is turning in her grave) If I wanted a belt-clip holster, I would just run my Crossbreed. When sitting in the vehicle, traveling, I prefer to remove the gun from the holster, and have it located for easy draw within the vehicle. However, that still leaves me wearing a bulky holster to dig into my seatbelt area. However, with the lanyard version, I can just let that string dangle with my beltline.

Another reason I like the lanyard version, is it can be used in other carry methods. For example, let’s say your wife carries a Kimber in her purse (tough girl). She better make sure that thumb safety stays engaged every time she pitches in her car keys or grabs that lip stick. Now can you imagine a chambered Glock bouncing around the bottom of that same purse, mixed in with pens, keys, and all the other hundred items that women pack around daily? Something would work its way into the trigger guard and cause an ND. Now, enter Vanguard with the lanyard option. She can pin the lanyard to the bottom of her purse. Now the trigger is protected from that pesky floating eye-liner. If she needs to draw in a hurry, the lanyard keeps it anchored and the Vanguard clears the weapon before the weapon clears the top of her purse. This would also work with fanny pouches and other concealment bags.

However, don’t take my word for it. Drop the coin and give the Vanguard a try. If you’re like me, and prefer a minimalist approach, you are gonna like the Vanguard. Yes, it takes some practice because it is going to slightly change your draw. However, building this new muscle memory can be done with just dry-firing, and will cost you nothing.

Once you have tried it; I’m looking for comments, both pro and con. I learn every day and am always open to other’s opinions. Also, if you have questions, please just post them below, and we’ll get you an answer. Strength and Honor.

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