How to survive a gunfight in a car | Tactical Shooting Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

This week’s video is by Rob French, showing how to shoot around a vehicle. Rob French is a Weapons & Tactics Instructor at Tier-1 Group, down in Memphis. Besides being a world class training facility, T1G has some of the greatest instructors that I have ever worked with. All are combat vets, and all are subject matter experts in their area of expertise. Contrary to what you see in the movies, you don’t want to shoot while your vehicle is moving; you’re just wasting ammo. Fight with your vehicle. Save that ammo for when your vehicle dies. However, once the vehicle has stopped, there are still things to consider when shooting around a vehicle. Armor, egress, angles, wounded, and so forth all come to mind right off the bat. Rob goes into some of the techniques that T1G teaches it’s students. These are battle-proven techniques; not just some “3-gun competition guy” talking about barrel off-set. Take them to heart. Learn them. Knowledge is your best weapon. TR.

Tactical Rifleman