The Best Dual Purpose Gun Bag Ever! | Airframe gun bag | Tactical Rifleman

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Ok, I got that out of the way, because most of you only read the first sentence of my writeup. I spend time writing as much good information down here, under the video, as I cover in the video… sometimes more. So, if you actually read these notes, please let me know in the “comments” section, or I just might quit doing it.

    My goal was for this video to NOT come across as a “marketing” video for Air Armor Tech. Part of the Tactical Rifleman core principles is to show “new” and “good” gear that viewers may not have ever seen before. So, when I saw these bags, I thought it was something different and worth sharing.

    Gun Bags, really?  There are ten thousand different gun bags out there. Most are good, some are great. Why is this one worth showing?  This bitch INFLATES.

Great for protecting the Gun (they ran it over with a Hummer)

Great padding for laying on rough shooting ranges or hot roofs

Great for protecting the Gun (they dropped it from a frickin helicopter)

Inflates/deflates really quickly

Did I mention it is really Great for Protecting my Rifle?

    Anyways, you know the deal. Check out the video. These gun bags are great but, like everything else that is high quality, they are a little pricey. So, we asked Air Armor Tech to cut our viewers a discount.

I’ll see you in the comments section. Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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