Advanced Combat Pistol/Carbine 2-Day

Advanced Combat Pistol/Carbine 2-Day

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Start Time Each Day 0800hrs

Finish time Day-1 2200hrs (night shoot)

Finish time Day-2 1600hrs (graduation)

Cost: $700 ($350 per day)

This course is designed for shooters who have already attended our Combat Pistol/Carbine course (or equivalent). Training starts with a review on “Close Quarters Battle” distance flat range work, to include Combat Task Evaluations (CTE) and other formidable gauges of your abilities. Next, we will push your limits to problem solve quickly while you move and shoot around vehicles and barricades and manage your reactions to external stressors like physical exertion. Fighting for your life and others will always include a physical aspect that you need to experience. 

Whether you are a civilian training for home/property defense or a LE/military member wanting to hone combat skills; this course will truly make you aware of your limitations and push you to a new level of individual capability. Let us pass along hard-learned techniques currently taught to SOF operators so that you can stand in the gap for what means the most to you. 


We will cover the following subjects:

§  Weapons Safety & Manipulation

§   Techniques of Advanced Tactical Shooting

§  Transitioning to alternate Shoulder techniques

§  Alternate Shooting Positions                

§  Off-hand & One-Handed Rifle Speed Reload / Tac Reload

§  Immediate and Remedial Action

§  Transition & Check Drills

§  Intermediate Range Carbine Shooting                            

§  Expedient Support

§  One-handed Pistol Reloads                    

§  Working around Vehicles

§  Advanced Barricades

§  Retention Shooting              

§  Shooting while Moving

§  Low-Light / No-Light Shooting                  

§  MarQual CQB Marksmanship Test

§  Critical Task Evaluations (CTEs)



o   Serviceable pistol of at least 9mm caliber

o   Minimum of 3 pistol magazines

o   Minimum of 1 double pistol magazine pouch

o   Eye and Ear protection

o   Serviceable holster

o   500 rounds of pistol ammunition

o   Serviceable carbine (9mm, 45ACP, 5.56mm, or 7.62x39mm)

o   Minimum of 4 rifle magazines

o   Minimum of 1 magazine pouch or suitable method to carry spare magazines

o   Sling – suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical style preferred

o   500 rounds of rifle ammunition (NO STEEL CORE)

o   Rifle-mounted Flashlight

o   Hand-held Flashlight

o   Headlamp