Combat Pistol/Carbine

Combat Pistol/Carbine

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This course is designed for shooters who truly want to learn the art of combat shooting. Training will focus mainly on “Close Quarters Battle” distances of 50 meters and within. Whether it is a civilian training for home/property defense or a LE/military member wanting to hone combat skills; this course will enlighten all skill levels with hard-learned techniques current taught to SOF operators. Attendees are encouraged to attend the “Combat Pistol 101” course, conducted day prior, if they want to brush up their marksmanship skills before this advanced course. We will cover the following subjects:

  Weapons Safety & Manipulation

 Combat Mindset

 Techniques of Tactical Shooting

 Recoil Management

 Advanced Pistol Marksmanship                

 Speed Reload / Tac Reload

 Immediate and Remedial Action

 Transition Drills

 Physiological Effects of Combat Stressors                             

 Multiple-target Indexing

 One-handed Pistol Reloads          

 Threat identification

 Subconscious Mind & Muscle-Memory


 Rifle Backup Sights / Red Dots / CQC Variables         

 Shooting while Moving

 Low-Light / No-Light Shooting                   

 Dry-Fire Drills


o   Serviceable pistol of at least 9mm caliber

o   Minimum of 3 pistol magazines

o   Minimum of 1 double pistol magazine pouch

o   Eye and Ear protection

o   Serviceable holster

o   500 rounds of pistol ammunition

o   Serviceable carbine (9mm, 45ACP, 5.56mm, or 7.62x39mm)

o   Minimum of 4 rifle magazines

o   Minimum of 1 magazine pouch or suitable method to carry spare magazines

o   Sling – suitable for a variety of shooting positions – tactical style preferred

o   500 rounds of rifle ammunition (NO STEEL CORE)

o   Rifle-mounted Flashlight

o   Hand-held Flashlight

o   Headlamp