Navy SEAL Tased by College Girl | Tactical Rifleman

This is a Product Review of the new Taser Pulse, that is designed specifically for use by civilians in public areas where firearms and other self defense weapons are not allowed. We were not paid to make this video. If you would like to get one head over to and use the code TASERxTacR15 to get 15%off Yep, the title is “Click Bait” to get us the views, but seriously, this thing is awesome and I want to spread the word to as many law-abiding citizens as possible. Special “Thanks” to Jason. Yep, he is a real SEAL; and yep, he got shot by a College Girl. I’m a big fan of Tasers. Our law enforcement officers have been running them for decades. They are safe and very effective. People bitch that they have a high failure rate, and that they kill people. First, if you shoot them correctly, and get two good probe strikes, it is 100% successful. I watched it knock down a 300 pound Samoan. Want to see a cool video? Pull up “Bull shot with Taser” on YouTube. Now, I did mention that you needed two good probe strikes. That’s why the new LE Tasers have the second laser; so you can see where each probe with fly, so you can adjust your aim, if the suspect is lying at an angle or sideways. Second, as for Tasers killing people; these things are the safest type of non-lethal force that I know of… much safer than them beating you down with a Billy Club. Yes, people have died. However, these people had pre-existing conditions. They would have died if you snuck up behind them and yelled “Boo!!!” I have been tased several times. Yes, it sucks. However, it was not as bad as OC/Pepper Spray and if leaves no scars compared to blunt trauma from rolling around with three Police officers. So, again, I’m a big fan of Tasers. While I was walking the floor at the NRA convention, I stopped at the Taser booth to chit chat. They showed me the new “Pulse” and I knew immediately that this would make a great Tactical Rifleman video. Pocket sized, and they ride the lightning for 30 seconds!!! I’ve been wanting to do a whole series of videos about home defense and self defense when in public situations. I figured we could cover tips and techniques and also touch on some of the great gear that is out there available to the public. As both my kids are in college or out in the big world, this subject is dear to my heart. Our first video was on the Leatherback Gear book bag, that doubles as Armor. Then, we got into a bit of different weapons (and preferences) for home defense. Now, we have the Taser Pulse. We are going to follow this up with more great self-defense videos. I hope you enjoy the video. This product sells itself. If you ever find yourself in a “gun free zone”, such as a church, school, or workplace; you may want to consider this great new tool. Think about it… every Active Shooter situation could be quickly diffused if every one of the victims and bystanders had this little gem in their office desk drawer, briefcase, diaper bag, podium, or pocket. You can have $100k worth of guns at home, but they wont help you a lick if you don’t have them with you. Double check local laws, but I’m sure that you will find that this puppy can go with you almost everywhere. Thanks again to Jason for taking one for the team. He is truly a great friend and a valuable asset to the Tactical Rifleman team. Now that he has retired, he is making a living training America’s finest. If you are interested in taking classes with Jason or any other member of the Tactical Rifleman team; you can check out our course schedule at or contact us there to schedule custom courses. Thanks for watching. Strength and Honor, TR.

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