Special Ops Emergency Ammo Resupply | Tactical Rifleman

I was out at the rifle range, working with some Air Force Medical people, and they had brought about a dozen crates of good military 5.56mm ammo. Each crate has two ammo cans. Each ammo can, when opened, provides you with a number of cloth bandoliers. Each bandolier has 4 cardboard sleeves, a speed loader, and a black safety pin. Each cardboard sleeve contains 30rds of ammo on three 10rd stripper clips (for use with the speed loader). That makes for a lot of trash when you’re doing 4 hours of Failure and Box Drills out on the hot range. What prompted me to do this video was when some of the Air Force guys were saying that they had no idea what the bandoliers or the safety pin was for. It was all just trash to them. I started having flashbacks to my time in different military schools and times when seasoned soldiers took the time to explain it to Private Erickson. So, let’s share a little military history, or at least, this is how it was explained to me. You’ll know why I grab the bandoliers and safety pins at the range now, when no one else will; and you’ll never look at those ammo bandoliers the same again. Thanks for watching, TR.

Tactical Rifleman