Navy SEAL's favorite rifle foregrip | Tactical Rifleman

This week I give a quick down and dirty on a great option for your rifle: the Ryker grip. We tested this side mounted grip with a series of target acquisition drills on one of my personal rifles and, in my opinion, performed exceedingly well. Over my military career I have always used a bottom mounted, front grip. The Ryker, side-mounted design was pretty easy on shoulder kinetics for acquisition and rifle manipulation, as well as easy to get used to. Out of the box it is an easy mount and allows for different mounting angles based on your personal style. Having a grip like this will help in evolving your shooting skills as well as the confidence to apply a pretty decent muzzle strike if the mission and situation dictate. At a retail of $74.99 on (10% off with code TR10), this is a great piece of kit. Please check it out and let us know what you think! Stay violent, my friends!

Tactical Rifleman