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Karl is an “Ambassador” for FLIR. So, any of you that are interested in getting a good deal on FLIR products; please reach out to us at Tactical or use the promo code "Erickson18" at, to save you 10% Here, at Tactical Rifleman, we are all about showing you how the military “Shoots, Moves, and Communicates.” A big part of shooting and moving in the dark is being able to see. As most of our combat ops are done at night, it only makes sense for us to practice at night, using the best NVDs that the taxpayers can buy. That said, whether you are military, law enforcement, or civilian; there are certains guidelines that apply. Match the optic to the mission Thermals are NOT always better than standard IR Always get the BEST tube you or your unit can afford Batteries, batteries, batteries On this flavor, we are going to continue our series of videos about different night vision gear, including GEN-III & Thermal, and both helmet & weapon mounted versions. This fourth video is about a weapon-mounted thermal sight, called the Thermosight Pro. When you are talking about military precision shooting; most snipers lean toward clip-on night sights, as they don’t want to have to carry another complete weapon with a dedicated NVD mounted on it. Makes sense. However, all will admit that a dedicated NVD weapon will always be better; there’s just no way to transport both. How about if you could? How about if you could just walk back into the safehouse or the trunk of the car, and grab a dedicated Night weapon when the sun went down? Actually, many of us have that option. Whether you are a SWAT Sniper or a civilian that likes to hunt; we often have the option of having access to multiple weapons. Now, it may seem “cooler” to just clip a NVD CLip-On Scope to your pretty precision rifle; however, you are greatly increasing the chances of your zero being off. Everytime you add another piece of glass in front of your objective lens, you are taking the chance of throwing off your POA/POI (zero). You don’t have that problem with a dedicated Night Weapon. It stays zeroed. Leave it in the rack or in the trunk, till the sun goes down, and you are all set. I like this Thermosight Pro. The more I use it, the more it becomes my “Go To” Night Shooting gun. I have it mounted on a 300BLK AR upper, that is setup with an AAC Suppressor. When I need it, I just swap the upper… no zero lost. The Thermosight zeroes very easy. The digital zoom doesn’t throw off the zero… and the thermal technology is just awesome. I cover most of the details in the video. I know that many of our viewers are going to bitch about the price tag. Fine, but I want you to see what is out there and what our military is using to bring the fight to the enemy. While they are obviously valuable to the LE & Military; you’ll see that hunters are going to love these too. I like having access to thermals. If you are a rancher, this will really be valuable to you. If any of you are interested in taking a training course with any of the Tactical Rifleman team; please reach out to us at, where you can find course listings and other great content. Till next time; thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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