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If you want to see more about the Leatherback body armor bag and see us shoot it with an AK and 556 check out this video: https://youtu.be/g-m8tMqmDCg Thanks to Leatherback Gear for offering Tactical Rifleman viewers 10% off; just use Promo Code: TACR10. Check them out at http://leatherbackgear.com We also reached out to Hill People Gear and they are offering Tactical Rifleman viewers 5% off. Go to https://hillpeoplegear.com and use code "tacrifle5" for a 5% discount. Alright, I won’t lie, the title is “Click Bait,” to get more views. The reality is that I wanted take this week’s video to talk about “Concealed Carry Bags.” While I was at SHOT Show and traveling to other tactical trade shows and conventions, it seems that every vendor is offering a new “better” tactical bag for hauling all your tactical gear around. Don’t get me wrong; there are a lot of really GREAT products out there. That said, I want people to understand, why they need the bag and some of the things that I look for. First, it has to be big enough to haul all my gear. That said, just as important, it should not be too big. A little extra empty space to flex is ok, but you don’t need to be hauling around a mountain ruck at the mall. Second, and just as important, it has to blend in. That’s for concealment. You notice I didn’t say it needs to be maid of “Camo Pattern” fabric. I’m more of a believer in “Low-Visibility”. While this might mean “Camo” to some; for me it means having a bag that does not draw unwanted attention. Therefore, I try to avoid military camo patterns. When you look at colors, try to avoid anything that is too dark, like black. We were taught in sniper school that it is easier to make things darker than it is to make things lighter. Think about that for a second. You need to move through an area that is tan… A guy wearing white, can rub mud all over his white clothing, and it will turn the color of the mud. On the contrary, a guy wearing black, that rubs mud all over his black clothing, still looks black. Likewise, this works for other colors too. The military did studies, and the best color to modify is actually a greenish grey. Even my red bag can be toned darker. Next step, especially if you are modifying a civilian bag, is to remove all the reflective tape. “What’s that?” you ask? Think of your running shoes. No matter if they are blue & white or black & grey; they all have little “reflectors” so you wont get hit by a car while you are out running. Gents, that’s “Glint Tape” just like the military uses. It will reflect visible light and IR light. So, you’ll want to remove it. Either un-stitch it, or put black fingernail polish over it. I prefer to just dremel it out. I know everyone wants to spend their hard earned money on the latest and greatest everything. However, if everyone in your unit gets the same “Low-Vis” bag, you’ll all look too much alike and THAT will be a visual indicator to the enemy. I better plan is to have everyone buy different bags (and clothing) and then customize the gear to fit your needs and mission requirements. Quality does matter. My new “favorite” is my bag by Hill People Gear. I say “new” because I’ve been beating on it for eleven months and it’s still holding up like it is brand new. Usually, you have to get a bag from a “MilSpec” manufacturer like London Bridge or Mayflower to get that kind of ruggedness. However, Hill People Gear builds their stuff to handle real outdoors up in the mountains. The fact that they do NOT have a military background actually weighs in their favor, as their kit does not look military at all. Isn’t that the point; to blend in and not look like a “operator hiding in civilian clothes”? Tailor your gear to fit your mission. Always think camouflage, even if that just means “low-vis.” Always think in depth. What is required, then Med, then sustainment. Any extra room and I’d toss in some chocolate covered coffee beans.

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