NAVY SEAL Top 3 Shooting Drills | Tactical Rifleman

Ok Tactical Rifleman Nation, this week I am giving my loyal viewers my Top 3 shooting drills. As we all know, shooting drills can be anywhere from super basic to ultra-complex and everything in between. Throughout my career I have honed my rifleman skills utilizing a variety of these drills. In the Teams, I would say we train both for marksmanship and instinctive fire. The 3 drills I chose are essentially a hybrid of those disciplines. I believe that zero time is ever wasted training and constantly revisiting fundamentals. Additionally, a slow and steady evolution in your shooting speed is also a must. These drills are perfect if you have confined range space but unfortunately, I don’t see them being allowed in an indoor facility. I am sure these drills are nothing my advanced marksman viewers have seen as my intention is also to reiterate to my novice shooters that there is nothing wrong with mastering the basics. On the Tactical Rifleman Team, there are hundreds of years of experience and just as many varieties of shooting drills to keep clients busy for days! But rest assured, the basics will always be revisited. Pro Tip - Always go as fast as you are able while keeping a good sight picture (my sight picture has always been lower abdomen in the case some insurgent is wearing a vest or AK mag holder and lower R or L neck area in the subclavian nerve bundle). This area right near the jugular vein is deadly and a shit show to repair in the unlikely event the victim survives. I am never opposed to a good head shot and will definitely put one there too if the savage needs more love! I hope you enjoy the video and I look forward to your comments. -Jason

Tactical Rifleman