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Use Promo code tacr5 for a 5% discount! Check them out at: Most of my military career was around sniper rifles. I have a passion for being able to “see” (understand) the ballistics of my bullets, and consider it a “God given Talent.” Some may just consider that being able to do math in my head fast or being able to follow calculation directions from sniper school fast. However, it flows through my veins and I truly live for hitting tactical targets at extended distances under adverse conditions. Day or night, moving or hidden, on the assault countdown; effective precision fire delivered for the Ground Force Commander, guaranteed.

So, here at Tactical Rifleman, I’m passionate about doing my tactical precision rifle stuff and showing the top-end rifles and optics. However, many of our viewers has expressed in comments (I read them all) that I “greatly overestimate the expendable income of most of our viewers,” and I should also cover great “low-priced” scopes. OK, that’s fair. Let’s clear up one thing first; military guys (even retired E-9s) didn’t join the military to make money. Some vets do better than others, but most are content to be normal middle class citizens. A few are upper class and, unfortunately, more than some are lower class (and too proud to ride the system). Why am I bringing this up? Well, because special forces guys LOVE the great gear we use/used in the military, but couldn’t afford to own. So, we would always hunt around for the “Best” low-end equivalent, so we could have our own gear at home. So, viewer requests for us to hunt for cheaper gear is NOT new for us… We have been doing it our whole career.

That brings us to this video. I’ve been hunting for a new low price-end precision rifle scope to share with viewers. Everyone knows about the great Vortex scopes and a few other brands, that you can see at every precision rifle match across the States. However, I hadn’t seen much about this new company called TRACT Optics. The company is a couple of guys that left Nikon, and wanted to start their own company with a little different business model… high quality sold directly to the consumers (no dealers) to save the consumer money… or something like that. I’m not trying to put words in their mouths, as I won't let them put words in mine.

The Toric MRad is a solid scope so far. I’ve been running it for around 6 or 7 months, only on a 308 rifle. They say it will take .338 LapMag recoil. Hopefully it will, but I have no experience with that yet. I’m hoping to get another .338 (looking for a semi-auto), and will then put this scope through the paces there.

Glass on this puppy is top notch, which is more important than hunters think. Turrets are better than many high-end designs. I actually prefer the turrets on this TRACT Toric over my Schmidt & Bender, and those are great turrets too. It’s first focal-plane; which is a MUST, if you are running any kind of hash-marked reticle (MIL or BDC).

Anyways, I cover all the details in the video. Sorry it is so long, but I wanted everyone to understand that what makes a scope great is not that it “looks cool” or you can dial it up to “Eighty Power.” Rather, it is the small details that makes a $2,000 scope worth more than a $200 scope. Either you need it or you don’t. Either you can afford it or you can’t. Yes, I love a few of the $3k out on the market right now. However, my daughter’s college isn’t going to pay itself. So, next step down (without getting a $200 airsoft scope) in optics is still pricey. You’re looking at spending over $1k for a few great scopes out there, with all the great features, just not MilSpec. If you are looking for a new Precision Rifle Scope, without breaking the bank; please take a look at the TRACT Optics line; specifically, this Toric MRad. This puppy has impressed the hell out of me.

Thanks for watching, Strength & Honor. TR

Tactical Rifleman