Close Quarters Battle | Use of Barricades | Tactical Rifleman

You best believe that cover from incoming gun fire will be your best friend in that moment. Having a solid obstacle between you and a would be killer is a blessing in itself, but knowing how to properly use that cover is just as important. Think about this. If someone is trying to kill you with a gun and you happen to find yourself a nice piece of wall to hunker behind, how long can you just lay low back there? If you can’t effectively bring the fight back to the killer by having a good shooting position, what is keeping them from maneuvering closer to you so that they can effectively end your life? You hear me (Zee) say that the rifle is really your best source of cover. This is what I mean. The wall keeps you safe temporarily but with no resistance otherwise, the bad guys can potentially close with you and negate whatever safety the wall provides. In short, GET YOUR GUN UP AND INTO THE FIGHT EFFECTIVELY, despite the quality of cover you have even. As long as you have a reliable gun and the bullets to feed it, you have a source of cover (cover fire). Now, I said you have a “source of cover”, but can you properly use it? That is where the training comes in. WHAT ARE YOU CAPABLE OF? Let’s figure out our limitations. Hit up the TACTICAL RIFLEMAN website to find some training courses and come train with myself, Karl, and the rest of the crew. Be a capable citizen, not a liability.

Tactical Rifleman