Best Drills for Conceal Carry | Special Forces Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

Many people are super competitive when it comes to duplicating drills etc (me as well). I want to be the best I can be but not at the cost of “stacking the deck” so to speak. By that, I’m talking about the process of getting your race gun, your OWB holster, and warming up a ton prior to testing your abilities on a drill. That’s fine! I do the same thing sometimes. Let us not forget to prepare for the self defense situation though. 
Always give yourself a few dry runs with your set up for the day, and always run some plain clothes and concealed carry set up drills on the range when you can. 
The cornerstone of being a Green Beret or any other Special Operations Soldier is training and knowing the basics! As you can see, there is not much flare or pizazz to these few drills shown. Don’t be fooled though, there are many important components that are being worked that apply to many more complex drills. I suggest doing these basic drills until you have acceptable accuracy and speed (safety always first). Once you are easily executing these drills, instead of graduating to other drills, add some stressors to the mix. A few things you can add that will give you some stress and better simulate a real life threatening scenario are: time standards (shot timer), physical activity, target variations (smaller, target ID, hostage etc), or even an audience of peers watching you. 
After that, get some force on force training with training munitions that really puts your skills to the test in a 2 way gun fight. Remember, the flat range with no bad guys is the easiest place to execute shooting drills, you can only go so far there. 

Tactical Rifleman