Fixed Blade Knives | Special Forces Review | Tactical Rifleman

Sergeant First Class (Retired) Donnie Bowen has about 22 years military experience; 13 years of experience within Army Special Forces as a Green Beret, conducting all aspects of Special Operations, to include training, execution, and technical oversight at the detachment and company level, and as well as the training and execution at the combined joint task force level.  SFC Bowen has earned numerous awards, to include a Army Commendation Medal for Valor. His military schooling includes the Special Forces Weapon Sergeant Course, Military Free Fall Course, SFARTAETC, Mountain Warfare Course (Summer and Winter), USSOCOM Joint Armorer's Course, S.E.R.E. -C (High Risk), Modern Army Combatives Program (MA.C.P.) Master Trainer Course, Special Operations Combatives Program (S.O.C.P.) Instructor Course, to name but a few.  SFC Bowen is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, a Judo Black Belt, and a Black Belt in two Karate disciplines, as well as has a couple years of experience in the Filipino and in the Indonesian martial arts training in the art of the blade and the use of blunt objects for offense and defense.  SFC Bowen is also a graduate of the Operational Security Strategies "Lone Operator" Unconventional Warfare Strategies Course. After retiring, SFC Bowen is the founder, owner, and head instructor of BOWEN Combative Arts Academy in Clarksville, TN, where he teaches and coaches children to adults in the arts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Wrestling, Self-Defense/Bully Proof Techniques, etc..  He even work with local law enforcement, SWAT, and first responders on basic combatives techniques. 

Tactical Rifleman