Sniper Accuracy vs Precision | How to read shot groups and know your range | Tactical Rifleman

This week, on Tactical Rifleman, we are going to do another Precision Rifle or “Sniper” video. Now, I know that these videos don’t get a lot of views, like our sexy & exciting videos do. I know sniper rifles are boring. Tough Shit, because our goal is to make all of us better shooters; and to do that, we need to know (and master) the basics.
    So, this week’s video will be about the difference between having a Precision Weapon and being Accurate. There is a difference.  
    Are you an Accurate shooter? Just having a Precision Rifle with Precision Ammo does not make you Accurate. It helps, but it does not ensure it.
    So, how do we find out? Again, I know everyone wants videos about sexy new shooting drills that will make them Special Ops Ninjas. Well, not this week. This week, we are going to just do a simple test of you and your gear, using Grouping Drills.
   Go out to the 100 or 200 meter line, and shoot a five round group. Take a break, then get down and do it again… and again… and again. Then, go down and check your target. The Standard is to shoot 1 Minute of Angle (MOA). So, at 100 yards, your shot group should be no larger than 1 inch. A good gun should be able to shoot .5 MOA and I have seen many rifles capable of tighter groups than that. 
     Once you are done measuring and analysing your shot groups; take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and spit it out… Are you are a “Sub-MOA” shooter, or are you a “2 MOA” Shooter? It doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that you learn the limits of you and your equipment. Then, you can go out and strive to improve. 
     I like to do these drills with ALL my rifles; from shorty AR all the way up to my .338 LapMag AXMC. Especially, right before a long 3-Gun match; I like to double check how well a particular rifle and particular ammo are getting along together. Why waste your time shooting at a 6 inch plate at 500 meters, when you know your setup only shoots 2 MOA? 
     In this video we also talk about how to read your shot groups, to possibly help diagnose issues that you might be having with your gun or ammo. So, I hope you all get a little something out of it. 
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Hope you enjoy. Strength & Honor, TR.

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