How a Navy SEAL Sets up his AR | Tactical Rifleman

Hey Tactical Rifleman nation!  This week on TR, I give you guys a quick tour around one of my AR setups.  Now, spoiler alert... nothing on my setup is going to really blow any skirts up.  I have the usual SOP setup (optic, back-up irons, flashlight, etc.) But what I have found is some great products on the market these days that can really boost your AR performance.  Things such as trigger upgrades, grips, flashlights, etc. can really step up your rifle game.  For my active duty heroes, I know there is only so much you can do with your service rifle but maybe this video will help you pick out a sport rifle to train with and evolve your skills to the next level.  


One thing I would like to point out on my setup is my new Ryker Grip.  I was a little skeptical about this piece of kit but once I put some rounds downrange using this new grip, my mind was changed.  The Ryker grip is one of the easiest and best upgrades I have made.  I suggest you check out their product line and see for yourself.  I found the target acquisition to be just a step quicker and easier on the shoulder for long days training on the range.  As always, I hope this video helps you out and look forward to the comments and critique.  Stay violent, my friends!!

Tactical Rifleman