Sniper Grouping Drills | Tactical Rifleman

So, you have an accurate rifle? Try this drill to see just how accurate YOU are.

    I can teach a monkey to shoot targets at 500 meters. As a matter of fact, I HAVE taught monkeys how to shoot accurately. That said, anyone can shoot stationary targets from a prone stable firing position.

    We call the “Tactical Rifleman,” because we don’t just focus on target shooting . Rather, we focus on all the skills that today’s operators need to be successful on the modern battlefield. For precision rifle shooting, that means getting out of your comfort zone and shooting from expedient firing positions, under various conditions, and a variety of targets and distances.

    So, this video I want to talk about & demonstrate (video, duh) a great drill I’ve put together for making snipers perfect their shooting skills from various heights. Why?

   Hunting in the “Global War On Terror” I often found myself and my fellow sniper team shooting from urban hide sites, with shooting loopholes at various heights.  We would have to use whatever materials were available, furniture and tables, to build shooting platforms and positions. Well, we hadn’t really practiced this that much back in the states.

    The drill is to:

Confirm Zero (Prone)
Confirm Suppressor Zero-Shift (if you run a suppressor)
Shoot Grouping drills from 12 to 72 inches above the ground, in 6” increments.
Record & compare data, to see where and at what heights you need to focus future training.
Now, I’m not saying to do this every time you go out to the range. Hell, I like banging steel plates at 1200 meters as much as the next guy. However, if you get bumped off that UKD Range by another unit and all you have is a 200 or 300 meter range; this is the perfect time to work on grouping drills.

If you are one of those SWAT Snipers that only shoots out to 120 meters (legal issues); then, this would be my NUMBER ONE training drill.  You can do this at 100 meters all day long.

I want to give a shout out to Kevin “Coach” Jimmerson, for being my demonstrator. That 6.5mm was a real tack driver. He was shooting .3 MOA groups all day long. I’m a big believer in always trying to learn as much as you can constantly, and I have learned a lot about shooting from Coach over the last few years.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

Tactical Rifleman