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MGM Targets is offering Tactical Rifleman viewers 10% off; just use Promo Code: TACR10.  Check out the Plate Rack in a bucket here:

Here at Tactical Rifleman, we are all about showing you tips, techniques, and new equipment to help you “Shoot, Move, and Communicate.” That includes training gear, like targets. Anyone can print decent paper targets on a standard printer. However, everyone loves to shoot steel. That includes me.

    Now, if you rewind a couple of decades, my A-team would often deploy overseas, to shit holes, to teach other countries to fight for themselves, so we wouldn’t have to. These countries didn’t fancy shooting ranges with steel targets. So, we would end up spending your tax payers’ money (thanks by the way) to buy piles of steel knock-down plates to deploy with. These were heavy and didn’t stack well. We always wished we had a couple plate racks, for doing “Man versus Man” competitions (good stressor), but there was no way you could fit a could large plate racks on a Air Force Pallet.

   At the NRA Show last year, I stopped by the MGM Booth to say “Hi” to Mike Gibson and his great family. You will not find a better group of Americans anywhere. Anyways, Mike showed me his “Plate Rack in a Bucket.” While it was designed so that any gun enthusiast could now afford a plate rack and could easily transport it; it immediately popped in my head that “these would have been great to deploy with!!!” Operators could  literally toss 6 of these cans on your Deployment Pallet, and it would take up no room at all. Then, all you need is three 2 by 4s, and you can find them anywhere on the planet.

    So, I asked Mike if I could do a video, to help get the word out to all our war fighters out there, still going down range. Mike even offered all our Tactical Rifleman viewers (that’s you) a 10% discount; just use the promo-code: TACR10 when you go to check out.  That’s good for everything on the website. 

   What’s that?... You’re not a SOF Operator getting ready to deploy? Well, if you like to shoot, but don’t have a good local shooting range that has plate racks; then this Plate Rack in a Bucket is perfect for you too. Drive out into the woods or desert, set it up, and start shooting; much better than shooting beer bottles. These plates are Rifle-Rated Steel too. So, you can get out past 100 meters and bang away on it with your long guns too.  Don’t forget to your the Promo Code TACR10, to get your 10% off.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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