How to Purify Water part 1 | Survival Training | Tactical Rifleman

When people talk about survival, they tend to focus on making fire. That’s fine, as I tend to enjoy setting things on fire almost as much as blowing things up. However, for this video, I wanted to cover purification of water. Yes, if you’re really sucking, you can drink dirty water and worry about getting sick down the road (as opposed to dying of dehydration). No one really gives this subject much thought, as we always just carried Iodine tablets everywhere we went. Well, there are lots of different options out there. Some are better than others. Some are faster than others. Some taste better than others. Which of these matters most will depend on your situation or mission. I know I talk fast in the video… so here are a few notes for you:

Boiling (Heat) Boil for 10x minutes, or Rolling Boil at least 1x minute

Does not remove Chemicals / Heavy Metals / Prions / Spores (botulism & fungal)

Chemicals (add to water, and wait 30 minutes)

Iodine/ Chlorine/ Chlorine Dioxide/ Calcium Hypochlorite

Tablets or Drops

Does not remove Chemicals / Heavy Metals / Spores


“It’s all about the size”

viruses are .02 - 0.1 micron; bacteria are 0.5 -5 micron; parasites are usually 1-5 micron in size

Life Straw; Hand Pumped; Gravity Fed

UV light (254 nanometers for 90 seconds, in clear water)

SteriPEN (uses batteries)

Distillation (Evaporation of the dirty water; then recapture of the steam, cooled into condensed water droplets in separate clean container)

I hope you look at the options and see some techniques may be fine for survival, while other techniques may be better for hiking and camping. So, enjoy the video. I’ll cover the different chemical treatments in a separate video. Don’t forget to comment below.

Folding Bucket

Nalgene Water Bottle

Stainless Bottle Cup/Pot

Pump Water Filter

AquaStraw Personal Water Filter

SteriPen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier

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