How to Speed Reload with a AK-47 | Training Techniques | Tactical Rifleman

Sid, from T1G, takes us through two different techniques on how to reload a AK-47. First, he covers the “standard” technique covered world wide. Then, he covers “sweeping the mag” with the fresh mag. This technique is slightly faster, if practiced. You can surf the web and find literally thousands of different videos show techniques on reloading the AR Carbine. Most have merit, most are repeats, and a few… well, they just shouldn’t be on the web. Keeping true to the spirit of Tactical Rifleman, we wanted to show valuable techniques and skills that aren’t always found on the mainstream websites. Take it, or leave it; but this is just one more “tool” to have in your “tool box” of weapon skills. Sid has taught hundreds of courses to our nation’s finest units. He wouldn’t teach this technique if it wasn’t battle-proven. Looking forward to your comments.

Tactical Rifleman