How to Shoot and Reload with One Hand | Strong Hand Training Technique | Tactical Rifleman

This week Sid takes us through how to properly shoot using “Strong Hand” only. In a USPSA match, why would we shoot “Strong Hand Only”? Well, probably because the Stage Range Officer just read you the course description and it listed “this is a Strong Hand Only drill.” That’s fine. However, in a real world situation, why would you ever chose to shoot one handed? Probably, because you were either carrying something (like a litter) or your other arm was incapacitated. So, in either case, not only do you need to know how to shoot one handed, but you also need to know how to correct malfunctions and reload one handed.

Sid does a great job explaining several methods for “Strong Hand Only” reloads. These are combat proven techniques that really work and should be practiced by anyone who carries a firearm for self-defense. You won’t see competitive shooters doing one-handed reloads in competitions. Why? Well, because of the liability issues of having novice shooters conducting dangerous fine motor skills under stress. Yes, lawyers should come right between deer and turkey seasons. Yes, these reload drills are dangerous. However, they are safer than standing there with an empty pistol during a two-way gunfight. Practice these techniques dry or with dummy rounds, until you have the drills safely mastered. Then, add them to your standard training plan, and you have these skills pushed into “muscle memory.”

Train as you fight. If you want more great tips from Sid, please check out his other videos. You can also book a training class through Tier-1 Group, where Sid is a Weapons & Tactics instructor. Check them out at

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