New Assaulter Bipod and Barricade Stop | Tactical Rifleman

Here at Tactical Rifleman, we are all about showing you new equipment without taking sides over which brand is better than another. Sometimes we do, but rarely. Now, that said, this new Heathen Assaulter Bipod kinda stands out as “the best” because it is the “only” bipod of it’s type that we could find.

    So, it is two parts. First is the head, that doubles as a “Barricade Stop.” Second, are the two removable legs. These can store tucked up against the forearm rail, or they can be just tossed in your pack or range bag.

   Why would an assaulter need a bipod? First and foremost, to confirm zero on your weapon. Sometimes you show up at the zero range and there are no sand bags or rests; been there a hundred times… got the t-shirt.  Additionally, I have often seen SOF guys and Marines trying to get more stable for long-range shots, in the middle of running gun battles in An Najaf and Al Fallujah. Off-hand 175 meters is possible, but get a Marine stable… hell, he can shoot that M16A4 500 meters, easy.

   So, if you are a Geardo just looking to be “first” with a new piece of kit, or an Operator just looking to get an “edge” over the enemy; you might want to check out the new Heathen Assaulter Bipod.  Again, don’t forget to use the Promo Code TR20 to get 20% off for being a fan of Tactical Rifleman.

Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR.

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