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Shoot / Move / Communicate; that is what Tactical Rifleman was founded for. That includes not only shooting, but also carrying all that ammo, radios, and other gear that operators need to accomplish the mission. That means high quality gear. While there are several great gear companies out there; we found that a local company has a great new line of gear out, that I think you’ll get a kick out of. 
     So, this week we head down to the ATS Tactical factory, and visit with Mike Lose to discuss his new line of low-visibility Body Armor.
     This may not seem like a big deal to all the Gear-Dos out there that just want to be covered with MultiCam from head to to. However, many of our missions overseas, both in training and real-world, required us to be able to move around in an urban environment with minimal signature. Nothing screams “Military” like 4 guys with matching shirts, packs, pants, and shoes. So, we would have to come up with creative ways to try to blend in… some better than others.
     Well, Mike had also had similar issues back when he was a active Green Beret overseas. However, he owns a tactical gear company. So, he set to coming up with a method to help operators to blend in with their kit.
     It takes 3 shirts to make each set of gear; which includes a outer shirt, a plate carrier, and a chest rig. He can provide the high-quality shirts in a number of different patterns. However, what I like about it, is that operators can take clothing that is indigenous to the areas that they will be working in, and send them to ATS for Mike’s crew to make custom sets of low-vis gear for each operator.  That, my friends, is something new.
     So, if you are interested in get sets made for your unit or group, you can reach out to Mike directly through the ATS website. If you have questions that I can help you with… you know the deal, I read them all, and I’ll do my best to answer them.
    Thanks for watching. Strength & Honor, TR

Tactical Rifleman