Best Tool for Off-Road… High-Lift Jack | How to use | Tactical Rifleman

The Hi-Lift jack is one of the most valuable tools you can purchase to provide options should you ever get stuck or damage your vehicle to the point it's not driveable. It of course can be used to jack a vehicle up for the common purpose of changing a tire, but it has many other uses that can help your vehicle regain mobility in a pinch. It can be used as a hand winch, a clamp or vise for repair work, or a spreader to pull two pieces apart. We'll cover some of these uses more specifically in other videos. In this video, we simply explain the mechanics of it, a few safety points, and give you a visual of the various uses mentioned.
Comment with questions or stories about how you may have used it, or even seen it used improperly. It can be quite dangerous if not respected, and others might learn from mistakes you've witnessed or experienced. Thanks for watching- have fun out in the middle of nowhere but keep it safe!"
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