Shooting Around People | Tactical Rifleman

As we train on the flat range and conduct abstract drills to reinforce our fundamentals, we can’t forget the context of real situations. If we hope to be an asset in a real world situation involving an active killer or somehow find the like, we must understand that we won’t have the luxury of a “down range” area to collect all of our potential misses. We have to position ourselves in a way that affords us the ability to engage a threat but also takes into account that sporadic movement of people trying to survive! Taking shots from distance across a crowd of chaos and terror will no doubt put you at risk of hitting an innocent bystander. You will have to move closer and achieve angles that you know are acceptably safe for engaging. With that in mind, also take into account one of our known safety rules “know what is beyond your target” or threat in this case. Be safe out there and remember why we do this. All bullets go somewhere and for our purposes we will not always have a controlled environment like a flat range. 


Tactical Rifleman