Light/Laser for Glock-43 Review | Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro | Tactical Rifleman

You guys all know that I preach mastering your Iron Sights. You also know that I always prefer to have a weapon mounted light, whether rifle or pistol.  So, when Glock asked me to try out their new Glock-43; I knew I needed to find a light for it. Hunting around, I heard that Crimson Trace had a “new” pistol light for the G-42/43. Thanks to “Joe the Knife Guy,” Crimson Trace sent me a Laser Guard Pro, with their green laser.  Now, I’m not a laser guy, but I knew it had the option to turn the laser off, while keeping the light functional.
    Well, this is a new video for you; but I’ve been rocking this Laser Guard on this G-43 for over a year now. I have beat it down. I’m on my 5th battery (new one yesterday bought local to save time), but Crimson Trace will send you batteries for life.
Here’s the link to what I’m rocking. I got the version that comes with the BladeTech Holster, but I’ve heard that others are offering holsters now.

I’m still NOT a Laser guy, but there are definitely places where lasers come in handy and do bring benefit to the fight. So, why am I not a laser guy, you ask?  Well, because too many people start running lasers and then quit using their iron sights… then, their battery dies. I wasn’t exaggerating when I said I’m on my 5th CR2 Lithium battery.
Let’s clear this up… This is NOT a paid advertisement. Crimson Trace doesn’t even know that I did a video on this. Sorry, that also means for discount promo code. Anyways, I’m doing this video, because I REALLY like this setup. The G-43 is small enough to take anywhere. It shoots SOO much better than my old Ruger LCP “Church Pistol”; and this Laser Guard Pro is one really exceptional unit.
     So, if you are looking for a bright light for your concealed carry pistol, give the Crimson Trace Laser Guard Pro a look.   
Strength & Honor, TR

Tactical Rifleman