Pistol fighting off your back | Tactical Rifleman

Many people never learn to shoot from “less then ideal” positions. In real life, I can think several reasons that would put me on my back. Here is one method that I use for getting back up. Post one foot, lay the other flat. Post the opposite side hand and swing your flat leg through to the knee (ensure the knee is placed wide from the other foot so it gives you a wide base). You will end up in a split squat or lunge position and you simply stand from there.

I prefer this method which differs from the rolling up on the hip method that allows you to keep both hands on your weapon. That method is much harder for some body types and requires some strength. Also, that method will not work in a fighting situation with someone trying to get on top of you. The method I show works for gun fighting or hand fighting and is tried and true. If you have a toddler, sit them on their butt and watch how they get up. It will be similar to what I show here. Interesting isn’t it?

Tactical Rifleman