Special Forces Check Drill | Transition Drill | Tactical Rifleman

The “check” drill is one of my favorite drills to do on the range but it is only for those that have become safe and proficient in all of the sub-tasks involved with the drill. If you are not to that point yet, I suggest that you break down each task and deliberately train these things until you are comfortable with it (up drills, reloads, draw from holster, transition, re-holster, etc.).
If you try and tackle the more complex task all at once you could develop some bad habits inadvertently. So, go at a speed that allows you to consciously acknowledge the small movements and do them right (eg. trigger finger indexed, safely holster, placement of hand on rifle when going back to rifle, efficient movement based off of your sling/equipment set up etc.). Remember that Green Berets May have advanced training but the basis of everything we do is being solid on the fundamentals! That’s it from Instructor Zee and Tactical Rifleman. Thanks for tuning in!

Tactical Rifleman